Rebecca Sedwick Suicide A Result of Bullying

Sadly, another young life has ended due to school and cyber bullying.  Twelve-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick of Lakeland, Florida, jumped to her death from an abandoned concrete plant tower after being bullied, both at school and online.  It is thought that Rebecca was bullied by as many as 15 other girls.  The bullying apparently started over a ‘boyfriend issue’ when Rebecca was a student at Crystal Lake Middle School.  Due to the bullying, Rebecca changed schools, however, the bullies continued to terrorize her using social media accounts and other electronic means.  Authorities who reviewed Rebecca’s cell phone and social medial accounts found shocking messages from the bullies including, “You should die” and “Why don’t you go kill yourself.”  Authorities have seized computers and cellphones from some of the girls as they decide whether to bring charges in what appeared to be the nation’s latest deadly cyber bullying case.  Florida has a bullying law, but it leaves punishment to schools, not police.

Crime Victim Attorneys Paul W. Rebein and Chelsie M. Lamie grieve the loss of this bright young woman whose life was cut short due to cyber bullying.  Paul and Chelsie represent the families of children who were lost due to bullying, filing lawsuits against school districts that fail to protect their students and against parents who fail to control their children, allowing them to bully others to death.  If you or someone you love has been the victim of cyber bullying, call 813-305-7285 for your free consultation.

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